I was scrolling through social media one night when I came across this picture. I mean I think almost anyone would stop and ask what was happening here. Then two weeks later, this. Another scroll-stopping moment. Anna and Sean are having fun at work!

Never underestimate the power of working with people you genuinely enjoy and having fun at work.

This week I was on a Zoom with a colleague, and I noticed a hand hanging from his ceiling. Just the hand, not the rest if the body. When he noticed my expression he said, “either my staff is embracing Halloween, or I am in some trouble.”

Those people know how to have fun. They once turned him into a bobble-head which they photographed in all kinds of interesting places before gifting him with both the bobble-head and the pictures. He genuinely enjoys them, and they genuinely have fun at work.

Some weeks we spend more time with our work family than our actual family. It matters that we know them, that we like them, and that we find ways to have fun at work. Our overall wellness depends on it.

One thought on “Have Fun at Work

  1. Well said, dear one. For many years, work and family are the centers of our lives. As one who has been retired for almost 15 years, I can say that having a large cohort of joyful pickleball buddies is a very good thing. We do much more together than just dink around. I think there are many ways to find your tribe. The important thing as that you do. ❤

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