I have a couple of friends who randomly send me candy in the school mail. Sometimes it’s Sweet Tart Ropes, other times Airhead Extreme Bites. (Yes, I eat like a 12-year-old.) Every time, it makes me happy. It is a simple gesture that serves no purpose except to make me happy.

This week one of you got flowers at work for no reason. It was simply a way for your friend (or your souse or your children or your parents) to say they were thinking about you. To say that they appreciate you. To show you that they love you. And it made you happy.

Random acts of kindness aren’t new. But this week I was reminded that random acts of gratitude are just as important.

A group of our district level leaders showered heaps of unexpected gratitude upon some of their colleagues. They “filled their bucket“ quite literally.

There was candy. There was Coke Zero. There were notes and pictures and genuine, meaningful expressions of gratitude.

It was a simple and unexpected gesture meant to convey thanks. It served no purpose other than to show the recipients that they are appreciated, and I have a sneaking suspicion it made them very happy.

My focus for this week is to emulate those random acts of gratitude. I want to find unexpected and simple ways to let the people in my life know that they are seen, that they are appreciated, and that I am unbelievably grateful for their presence in my life.

Sometimes I think we believe that in order to truly show someone we truly care, we have to do something large or expensive or time-consuming. I think we underestimate the power of small and unexpected gestures of gratitude.

So let me start by saying I am grateful for the amazing people who modeled this for me this week. I am grateful for so many people right now, and I think it’s a worthy goal for the week to find ways to let them know.

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