“Why are you here?”  Loaded question.  Obviously context matters.  The answer can be as simple as “to buy milk” or as complex as “to change the world.”

I was inspired this week by a story I heard about a school in a struggling area…notice I did not say a struggling school. In the midst of poverty and challenges, the principal in this building is creating an environment of hope. He is focused daily on doing good work for children.  When asked, “Why are you here?” he has an answer.  His job is not easy, but he has a clear purpose and a strong belief about why he is there.  He is there to make a difference.

Knowing your purpose almost always gives you great insight about what you should be doing and how you should be spending your time.  Our why should guide our what.

This week ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

Ask yourself at work.

Ask yourself at home.

Ask yourself in meetings.

Ask yourself in conversations.

Likely it will reveal your purpose.  Likely it will reveal your needs, your wants, your passions.  And in turn, you can focus more clearly on aligning your actions to fulfilling that purpose.

Defining your why is not always easy. But once you define it, it becomes infinitely easier to decide what to do.

Why are you here?

One thought on “Why

  1. I wrote a book called Your Big Want. It could have been entitled “Why Are You Here?” My big want is to be a radient light being. I don’t always measure up to that goal, but it guides me. As usual, your blog was interesting and insightful, dear one.

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