I have been blessed in my life. I have family and friends who would and have done anything for me. They’ve shown up each and every time I’ve needed them. They have fed my family when we’ve been in crisis. They have loaned us cars when we’ve had the occasional accident. They have cleaned our house, driven the children places, taken them so we could get a break. You name it, they’ve done it.

Of course it’s the intangible ways they’ve shown up that have meant the most. It’s the phone call after a bad day, the text to ask how we’re doing, the flowers that show up for no reason at all.

They have been there for every single thing we’ve ever needed.

But this week I am reminded of just how big our tribe has been. Besides our family and friends there have been teachers and pastors and neighbors. Such great neighbors.

My children had Ed & Linda, Brian & Brenda, the Savages, the Barbers, the Geigers, now Eric & Stacy and Paul and Terry and June. People who watched out for them. People who would step in and help if needed.

We’ve been blessed.

Our tribes come in many forms. Some are filled with people we see everyday. Some are filled with those we only hear from once and awhile. All are important to us.

Pay attention this week. And maybe reach out to a few those in your tribe who you haven’t talked to in awhile. Life is fragile, and every day is a chance to let the people you love know it!

2 thoughts on “Our Tribes

  1. Good advice, beloved niece. One of my dearest friends passed away a few weeks ago. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and died at home 10 days later. I was with her the day before smiled and closed her eyes for the last time. It creates a hole when one of our tribe members leaves us, but i am working on turning grief to gratitude for our shared love and friendship. There are so many examples of the fragility of life, especially in this past year. I love you, dear one.

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