I am trying to become a better golfer. I’ve been golfing for a few years, but I’ve never really worked at getting better. My goal was just to have fun…still is.

In my first year I mastered scooping up the ball as we drove by it in the cart.

In my second year I mastered picking up the ball on the green with my putter. (A friend gave me the right kind of putter which was the key.)

This year I am actually trying to improve my game. It’s a work in progress. Time at the driving range is often frustrating.

It takes time.

I was thinking what I really need is a golf montage. A motivating song. Clips of me swinging and missing. Then slowly, clips of me getting better. By the end of song, I am a master golfer. Just that easy.

But it’s not.

In the real world, things take time. Getting healthy. Training for a marathon. Learning to golf.

There are times, many times in fact, when we just wish it was as easy as a montage in a movie.

But it’s not.

If you are working toward a goal, trying to learn a new skill, walking through some hard times, persevere. It’s not as easy as a montage, but it is worth it on the other side.

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