I spent Saturday catching up on things around the house, watching Netflix, playing games, and curling up on the couch with a book. There was a blizzard after all, and you should always take what the day gives you.

We are campers. Nothing beats napping in a chair under the tress, reading a good book by the lake, or roasting s’mores by the fire. It relaxes me. But without fail, when my family goes on vacation, it rains. No kidding. Every time. We’ve gone camping in places that were experiencing a drought…until we got there. I have so many pictures of my children on vacation in the rain. Rain can put a damper on a camping trip unless you learn a valuable lesson.

Take what the day gives you!

A friend we camp with taught me this early in our Bounder Motorhome adventures. He found a way to enjoy naps inside when it rained or a day in the water when it was brutally hot. While I was pouting, he was embracing what the day gave us.

I love the anticipation of a party or a concert or a vacation. It helps extend the fun beyond the actual event. But when it doesn’t go as planned, I used to get disappointed. One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned is to take what the day gives you.

Once I embraced what the day gave me, I could laugh when the rain fell just as our cruise ship was pulling out of the harbor or the time we rode an intense ride at Adventureland in an absolute downpour.

This weekend gave us a blizzard. I got the most amazing text just as the snow began to get heavy from a friend who was in a chair with a warm drink and a book. She was enjoying her blizzard. It really was beautiful.

The weather can mess up our plans…so can our attitude.

Take what the day gives you, and enjoy the fact that rain on every single vacation you’ve ever taken results in a ridiculously large collection of one of your children in a poncho. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it.

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