It’s state championship season. Softball is done. Volleyball was this weekend. Football is coming up. All state musicians have been selected, and state marching band winners have been announced. The fall is winding down, and the next season is gearing up.

Some of our teams won.

Some of our teams lost.

That’s how it works.

Our students are engaged. Some of them played football and then at halftime stepped onto the field to play in the marching band. Some of them played softball and are now on a basketball court every day.

Some of them have a state championship.

Some of them never will.

But we know that being engaged in school activities pays dividends, whether you win a state championship or not.

It is a connection, a place to belong. It instills work ethic and perseverance and grit. It builds relationships and teamwork and collaboration and communication skills. Students who are engaged in activities have higher GPAs and fewer behavior incidents and better attendance, whether you win a state championship or not.

In life sometimes we get the job, sometimes we beat our best time in the half marathon, sometimes we reach our goals. And sometimes we don’t.

Learning that the journey is more important than the destination makes us better people.

Set goals.

Make a plan.

Work hard.

Then play the game and move on. The next journey awaits.

I am thrilled for the Mustang volleyball team. Two state championships in three years is an incredible accomplishment. I hope they savor the moment and enjoy the win. And then I hope they move on. The next journey awaits.

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