I’m a movie girl.  Rarely does a weekend go by that I do not see a movie.  The Oscars are a big deal in my house.  I’ve noticed something lately though.  Because you can order your tickets online and choose your seats ahead of time, fewer and fewer people are getting there in time to see the previews.  Theatres will be almost empty right up until the feature presentation begins.  Not me.  I never miss the previews.  In fact, they are my favorite part.

There is something about looking ahead, the anticipation, that I love.  I enjoy the here and now, but imagining the best of things to come is powerful.

This week we kicked off a new school year.  Teachers and paraprofessionals and food service staff were back in the buildings, and there was an indescribable buzz.  Fall Workshop was positive and energizing.  People were excited in a way that was contagious.  There were hugs and tears and laughter.  Sure, there was some stress and exhaustion, getting ready for students is a busy time, but the energy was undeniable.  This school year is going to be amazing.

New teachers report early each fall to learn a little more about our district and their school and the curriculum.  This year my daughter begins her own journey as a speech-language pathologist.  She will be working with preschoolers in an amazing building.  She is a “new teacher.”  I’ve been reflecting on what I want most for her and for all of our teachers and school staff as we preview the new year.

Previews are not just at the movies.  They surround us.

The anticipation of a new school year, setting up your classroom, learning your students name’s are just a few of the previews this week.

On Monday we get to preview the opportunities that lie ahead for the children and young adults in our classrooms.

Most importantly, each person is a preview of what they can be and what they can do.  Teachers have a gift for seeing the spark many times long before a child can see it themselves.  I want our students to learn to read and write and reason mathematically.  I want them to be college and career ready.  I want them to be independent problem solvers.  But mostly I want them to be the best version of themselves.  And I want the adults who interact with them each day to see that potential inside each and every one of them.

For Kelsey and for all of the people returning for a new school year, my hope is that you never miss the previews.

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