“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.”  Doug Larson

I’ve decided that this is a good time for me to pause and listen.  My only thoughts for the blog this week are a gentle reminder to be kind.

Discourse is powerful.  Social media has given a platform to so many.  Email has provided a quick and easy way to reply to anyone with your most immediate thoughts.  All of that is good.

I just hope that as people are sharing their voices, they are kind.  We will not always agree.  There is power in the conversation.  The collective wisdom is almost always better than one opinion in isolation.

But we can share our voices without demeaning others.  Rarely will someone’s opinion be changed because we were cruel to them.  But if we can be kind and caring and work together, we can do amazing things.

“We are how we treat each other, and nothing more.”  Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

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