Who gets a do-over at the Grammys?  Adele.  That’s who.  Last Sunday she stepped on to the biggest stage in music and asked for a redo.  She launched into her tribute to George Michael, but it was not going well.  So she stopped.   And in that moment, when she stopped in the middle of a song and asked to start over to get it just right, she showed us all a few things.

1. People respect you saying, “Nope, I can do better.”  Performing at the Grammys is iconic. For many, it is the pinnacle of a career.  Stopping in the middle of a song, unheard of.  But at the end the performance, people applauded, critics raved, and history was made.  Respect for Adele’s talent grew- not the  other way around.

2. It doesn’t have to start out perfectly to be perfect in the end.  So many times when we get off on the wrong foot, we throw in the towel and give up.  But a rough start does not have to mean a rough end.  Persistence is key.  Excellence doesn’t just happen.  The best have grit, a willingness to try and try again until it is just right.

3.  It’s not about getting it done, it’s about getting it right.

I know. In life you can’t always start over.  That’s not always how it works.  Plenty of athletes took to Twitter during the Grammy’s wishing they could have had a do-over.

But many times, that’s exactly how it could work.  If we were humble enough to say, “I messed that up.  Can I try again?”  More times than not, people will show us grace and say, “Of course.  Happens to us all!”

Be vulnerable.  When you need a do-over, admit it.  It does not mean you are not good; it means you are willing to try to be great.

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