I’m a movie fan.  No, that’s an understatement.  I’m a movie fanatic.  Always have been.  When I was little, I would dress up in my aunt’s pink Military Ball gown and watch the Oscars. I would stand in front of the mirror and practice my Oscar speech.  It was epic!

I still watch the Oscars every year.  I try to see all of the movies and read all of the reviews.  I was struck this year by a review stating that one of the nominated actors “tried too hard.”  It was like “he was trying to win an Oscar.”

It can be tempting, the desire to focus less on the character and more on the possibility for accolades.  It can be tempting to choose roles and movies for their likelihood to lead to an Oscar.  But that will never result in the best performances.

Good work for the sake of good work is its own reward.

Finding work with purpose and doing it with passion is more fulfilling than any award will ever be.

It is the day-to-day effort, the conversations and interactions and relationships, that craft a career.

Focus on what matters.  Spend time on the right things.  And the kudos will take care of themselves.  And if they don’t, who cares?  Do good work for the sake of doing work.

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