This week’s blog comes to you from The Happiest Place on Earth.  I’m at Disneyland!  And it lives up to the hype.

Our lives are busy.  We usually have too much happening at work, too many errands and activities at home, and too many thoughts running through our heads.  Sleep can allude us.  Worry can distract us.  If we aren’t intentional about recognizing our stress and anxiety, it can consume us.

Rest is important.  Time away to decompress and to clear your head is essential.  This is hardly a new idea.  Stephen Covey called it “sharpening your saw” over 25 years ago in his widely successful book Seven Habits of Highly  Successful People.

Time to disconnect matters.

This is the final, crazy push in our school year.  It’s a busy time.  I’m lucky to be able to take a couple of vacations days and enjoy some playtime with my family.  But you don’t need vacation to sharpen your saw.

Talk a walk outside.

Go fishing.

Hide in the basement for a couple hours with a good book.

Bake something.

The key is to be present in the moment.  Turn off your phone (I struggle with this) and just enjoy the experience.

Now I’m going to take my own advice and get back to Mickey Mouse!

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