imageI am a teacher, and I am a learner.  For 22 years I have worked in education, and my strongest belief is that people (both students and the adults who teach them) are responsible for their own development- personally and professionally.  Having said that, I also disagree completely with the saying that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  Teaching is not about making anyone do anything; it is about facilitating a long and engaging journey to the water and then enticing the learner with the best water they can imagine.  Students want to learn.  Everyone does.  It is an innate instinct.   We never lose it.  That’s why I am also what can only be described as a staff development fanatic.  I believe that great PD (or professional development for those of you not living in our acronym world) can fundamentally change who you are and how you work.

Learning is a reflective practice.  This blog is my attempt to model my own reflective practices.  As a former English teacher (which anyone who has ever been an English teacher knows is never true-  you never stop being an English teacher),  I know the power of writing.  Writing is one powerful way I learn.  If my reflections can be of use to others, I want to share them.

My name is Heather Phipps.  I taught middle school English and reading for 13 years, and I have spent the last decade as a middle and high school building administrator.  I am currently a District administrator.  Welcome to my Educator Insights!

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