I got a great text this week.  It was a picture of someone’s colorful driveway art.  The message just said, “The world needs more chalk.”  The text, and the picture, made me happy.

The world needs more things that make us happy.

Sure, there are deep, meaningful things that provide us with a sense of purpose and satisfaction.  There are moments of real significance that bring us great joy.  But we also need more things that just make us happy.

I think I had forgotten that.

There should be happy moments every day.  April the giraffe having her baby.  A light rain on a warm, spring afternoon. Dogs.

I’ve written before about the importance of happiness.  But it is easy to forget in the craziness of a busy year how important it really is.  So rather than a new blog for this week, I reread and am reposting this one about happiness.  It is linked below, and it includes some of my favorite videos from others about happiness.  I am grateful for the reminder this week that the world needs more chalk.  And I am grateful for the people who make me happy.

How will the world be different because you were in it? 


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